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I am not an expert in bioinformatics, rather I am an expert in running the same dataset through multiple pipelines in different ways

The majority of my bioinformatics knowledge pertains to analyzing 16S rRNA amplicon data, from demultiplexing to statistical analyses in R. I have also begun working with shotgun metagenomic data, mostly assembling genomes, assigning taxonomy, and assessing specific gene distributions in a dataset. I have a horrible habit of needing to re-run my data multiple times using different pipelines within the same program (mothur) or multiple pipelines using different programs (qiime, mothur, dada2). For better or worse, I find this helps me understand my data and how these programs are working better than reading the papers. The purpose of this page is to make my analyses transparent, to share some resources I have found helpful over the years, and provide a place where people who are much more proficient in bioinformatics can point out what I might be doing wrong.

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